About Angus RAYNER


Born in Adelaide Australia

currently lives & works in Adelaide Sth Aust.


Angus Rayner began painting after witnessing the terrible deaths of many people at the Port Arthur massacre in the Broad Arrow Cafe in Tasmania, Australia on 28th April 1996. The details of the terrifying events of that day will always remain etched in his mind and have heavily influenced his approach to art. This experience has propelled him to push the boundaries and explore.


Angus uses the female form to depict his expression of liberation for men and women. His rebellion against rigidity, bureaucracy and social mores is reflected in an unrestricted manner in his art. Angus’ art has also been influenced by his adoration of the female form, non-conformist attitude and extensive travels around the globe.


Angus explores all mediums uninhibited enabling the emergence of his unique style in mediums of ink, gouache, gloss acrylics and oils.

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